First of all do not be put off by the website.  To keep costs to a minimum we do our own website in house.  This stops the cost of a website to be passed on to you.  Our website design skill are basic.  Our Audio and Visual experience is fantastic and the only way you will find that out is give it a go.

We are a small company so every job is personal to us.  We give that little extra care an attention that some of the small companies do not have time for.



It goes back a long time.  My dad was into electronics.  There were gadget being built all over the place.  I grew up in an electronics environment.


Being a keen learner I watched when dad made things, at the same time as watching I learnt why things worked and how to fix things when there was a problem.  As I grew up there were electronic kits as Christmas and birthday presents.  Also living a short walk from the very first ever Maplins store I was a regular customer.  Components and kits whoo hoo.   That shopping centre closed down and got demolished, rebuilt and we got a Tandy.  Technology back then was basic but still interesting.  I am happy to be part of the start of home computing.  One Christmas we had a ZX81 computer that you build yourself.  It came in kit form.  We got to build a computer and back then there were not even computers in the home.  Since then we moved on to Spectrums and following that the computers got bigger and better.

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In Junior School I used to help operate lighting and audio for the school plays.  They kept putting me in the plays and I just wanted to operate the sound or the light.  It looked appealing


At senior school the chance of getting my hands on some audio visual equipment was given to me. I was taught sound and lighting on a larger scale.  The music teacher name was John Patterson who was a very good teacher, a good friend one of the reasons for me being where I am today in the Audio Visual world.  I wanted to contact him and thank  him for being the teacher he was and what I was doing with my life in audio visual.  I did a search on the intnernet to find a story that I was not expecting. I would also like to dedicate this small section to him as I head he lost a battle to cancer.  Should his family ever read this I would like to pass on my wishes to them and say that he is one of the reasons I am involved in audio visual as he made this sort of thing interesting and enjoyable to me.  He showed me how to make a pile of equipment come to life.  We got on well as we both were perfectionists and just wanted it right.  Even the slightest thing can make a big difference overall.  I was trusted to wire things up despite being at school and young.


A few articles about him are below should you wish to read about it.  He was a good teacher and a friend which is why I dedicate part of the history in his memory.  If you click these use your back button to come back here (or if on a pc hold ctrl to open a new window).


Tribute Telegraph and Argus


Yorksire Post

Rest In Peach




Sadly Missed


Mr Patterson was a well respected teacher at our school in the Midlands.  When we were doing the audio work and something was wrong he would not tell us off, he would tell us why it was wrong, how it occurred and what could we do to prevent it.  We learnt and because of him things ran without a problem.  We were left to repair and sort things with him at close range to be able to ask if assistance needed and also to have a check to see if we were getting it right.


When we stayed behind after school late he would get the chips in from the chippy down the road.  He never let people get hungry.  We had food and drink.  He made sure all of us got home safe.


We worked as a team when we set up the audio for large orchestras with many microphones and also the lighting for them along with the lighting, sound and special effects for many productions.  One of the big productions was called “The Curse Of Baddesley Manor” a manor haunted by ghosts that did not care too much for the Manor being sold and they would do all they could to scare any potential buyers away.  There was a choir, sound, lighting, special effects and with the backing of Mr Patterson the show was a huge success.  I was glad and proud to be part of a very good team.  We had confidence knowing that if there was a problem John would be there to help.  John moved on for bigger challenges in his life.  Our school missed him.

John, you are sadly missed and I thank you for all the help that you did for our school and the way you helped the pupils and treated us all as people and not just a number.

On leaving school I never lost the interest in sound, lighting, audio and visual effects.  I carried on doing all sort of things to keep myself in on it.  I helped out at events where possible and did a lot of voluntary help.


A friend I used to know used to do disco’s and upon offering the sale of his disco equipment I started doing a bit of DJ work.  It was only a short while when I felt it was not as much of a challenge.  I then moved on to Karaoke in 1994 which gave me a lot of experience in mixing sound with general public and getting a good sound.  It also brought screens into the show too.


I was wiring up lights and light controllers.  Slowly I was building up lights.  Through this I met up with some radio presenters.


At the same time of this my dad was taking a music centre to a local community centre playing 50.s 60, country and western.  It was then a local DJ was also selling his equipment with a lot of records.  We bought this and Dad started to do discos.  It was then he was getting lights too and taking lots of records out playing for parties.  Once I had to take his equipment to a venue as his car had broken down.  We got there and found it was a rockers pub.  I am thinking, these people are not going to appreciate 50’s and 60’s.  Out comes this guy in leathers and chains and says to me “anyone going to upset your dad they have to go through me”.  Next thing I know I hear someone shout “pint of coke for Tazza.  A coke is bought for dad and placed by where the disco is to go and a pile of guys go out and unload the trailor and start setting it up.  Next thing I know there is ZZ Top and all sorts of Rock music playing and the floor is full.  Needless to say I left him to it.  Dad was doing disco’s up to about the age of 70 when his health stopped him doing it.

I joined a local theatre group and got involved a lot in the sound and lighting using some of my own equipment to assist in the shows as well as appearing in them.  I joined here as South Pacific was moms favourite so rather then take her to go and see a show we took her to see a show I was in.


I started full time work with an AV company doing conferences and all sorts of work including motor racing events at major tracks, I worked with some well known stars and spent a good deal of time with the well known celebs.


Whilst doing this I still ran the karaoke and also ran different types of entertainment.


The Birmingham Branch of the AV company closed down and I could not travel to the Buckingham branch every day.  The company kept me on working from home for as long as possible but only small events could be done from a member of staff’s house.


When it finally finished I was taken on by another company for a good few years doing all sorts of work for them including the National Memorial Arboretum


We have done work for other companies for many events, including openings of buildings, celebrations, ceremonies, speeches and many others.  We have in the past done a lot of work for the Lichfield Cathedral.  I played a big part in the setting up and operating of the sound, vision and lighting at the Lichfield Festival and also the camera mixing for the audience.  Setting up of lighting in the gardens around the Cathedral.


We also did the sound and video at Moor Hall’s Ladies Day each year.


The company I was working at retired and I decided to start up on my own.  Lichfield Cathedral were happy with my work that they have started to use my services.  If you were to look at the reviews on the home page you will see that our first event there recently was working alongside Don Maclean  MBE, KSS, KCHS (who some of you will recognise the catchphrase “CRACKERJACK”).  Don Maclean has been in the industry a long time and you can see his review of our work.


We have also worked for Paul Zerdin,  Arthur Bostram


We did the audio, video, filming at Lady Nancy Baggot’s funeral.


We volunteered our services for free and we were fully responsible for all the audio that was heard world wide for Stephen Sutton’s Funeral.  Our system gave the feed to the BBC Van who in turn shared it world wide with TV and radio everywhere.  This was over two days at the cathedral.  The cathedrals sound system did not cover the outside of the building so any audio you may have heard (if you were not physically inside the building was because of us)


We were requested by the BBC to do a 24hr non stop karaoke for BBC Children In Need.  We then went straight out to work again.  A total of 42 hours non stop with no sleep.


We can cater for small events and we still have the contacts to be able to help you with large events.


So as small as a broken down audio system at a church hall line dancing event to a Festaval In Lichfield Cathedral.


Single Speakers with a professional sound system, a karaoke for after event entertainment and all other events.


Please contact us and let us know your requirements.  If we can do what you want you will not be disappointed.


We do in house Pat Testing, In house Website, in house repairs.  All these costs our saved so they are not passed over to you.  We look after repeat work.  With the experience of trouble shooting in the event of a breakdown.  Some companies may call someone in and if time is not on your side this can be a problem.

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