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Ok it is probably obvious but if you think about it…..


AV company for a conference or presentation.  Here are your options.


AV company come in and set up.  They do their job.  Once that is finished you have to wait while they pack away and then wait while the entertainment sets up. 


Negatives.  Your guests are waiting for the AV (audio video) company to pack away and once their kit is out of the way you then have to wait for the entertainment to set up.  You have to deal with both companies and pay full price for both.  It can be very difficult to arrange the messing around in between both events when you are trying to also deal with your guests.


Before you start the AV company set up and the entertainment set up too.  As soon as your event finishes the entertainment starts.

Positives… ..  There is no break between both events.

Negatives… ..  You will either have an AV company packing away while the entertainment is going on which can be noisy and if cold outside will mean doors are open and shut all the time causing the room to get cold.  If the AV company are asked to stay till the end they will be still charging an hourly rate so you are paying them to do nothing.  You are still paying the full price of both companies.


For the entertainment we can offer you a karaoke and or disco.  There is no packing down or changing of equipment.  Just a flick of a switch and the entertainment can be started.  The show can either be compared by ourselves or you can supply a host (all information for the host will appear on screen).

Positives.  All the equipment is set up prior to the event.  There is no delay between events as it will just be a flick of a switch.  You are paying just us and we will give a better price then what you would get if it was two companies.  You only have to deal with one company.  The fact you get a top quality sound system for both.  When we set up none of your guests will be there.  When we pack away non of your guests will be there.  This all makes it a great event and you get the best of both worlds without the messing.

How do we switch so quick...

If you are using our teleprompt screen then acts as the karaoke screen for the singers.

The discreet speakers are used for the event and the entertainment without the need for more equipment being set up and packed away.

The control desk has all the karaoke equipment ready to go.

So our control desk will do your event and then go straight into entertainment mode.

As we said earlier, we do our own website so for other options about the website the links below will take you to the karaoke website which has turned into a rather large website for the fun of our visitors to the karaoke.  If we were to start putting that information on this website then updating would take double the time and we like to use all our spare time in making our system even better.

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